What's your CONNECTICUT story?

  • Uploaded by: Grandmahawk
  • Date: 03/28/2012

An Aussie Invades Connecticut

Mansfield Center

After living in Australia for 60 years, it was time for a tree change.  My Yankee husband of 13 years grew up in Connecticut, and after a holiday here in 2005, we made a goal to sell our house, move to Connecticut and be surrounded by my husband’s extended family. It definitely sounds easy when you say it quickly, but that is quite another story, especially when you bring a Labrador retriever with you!
Arriving directly from JFK to Mansfield Center in mid-October, we inspected the house we had purchased - without ever having seen it in life. It was everything we hoped in a cared-for 1850 home.  I did not expect quite so many trees, or birds, or deer, or squirrels, and the rest of the wildlife that roamed our property.
It is so – Connecticut!
The things that give me joy here are the architecture, the history, the stone walls, the never-ending forests, the sturdy ‘straight-up’ people, the many craft groups, and the delightful cool temperate climate.  There are so many places of interest and pleasure. There is an amazing diversity for a small state that is big in personality. Among my favorites are Mystic Seaport and Clyde’s Cider Mill in Old Mystic.
We have made many new friends and renewed family relationships. My joy and passion is to explore the countryside and drink in the seasons as they pass by. I hope to live here until the day I die.

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